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    Hi Matt,

    Okay thanks for the tip. Our requirements are below

    - Some styling changes needed for one page type. Contact boxes need to be made smaller and alignment changes to avoid elements overlapping others

    - IDEAL - a username and password login area for multiple microsites. The microsites consist of several linked pages. Some microsites do not require a member login.

    - COMPROMISE - a email and password login as above. The ability to create new microsites and members as required will also be needed. This development has already been partially completed by aforementioned developer, but the login element doesn't work.

    We will also be looking then for someone to maintain the website going forward, so open to an SLA agreement if of interest, if it is preferred this is a one off that is also fine.

    If anyone is interested I can of course provide more details privately. Clive Walker , hus_hmd , ryan or drewm you have been recommended.

    Matt, don't seem to be able to access Perchology slack or register in fact.

    Thanks Clive, that bit might not be so simple then, but worse case scenario we could work with an email address. The issue is we are attempting to replicate exactly existing functionality that customers use on a different site, and they use a basic username and password.


    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

    We have a perch website which we have been very happy with but have recently been going through a rebranding project due to business priorities. For this project we hired an agency who said they were able to work in Perch, but after several months they have failed to deliver our requirements and the launch deadline is sneaking up on us. We have explained our dissatisfaction, but at this point have to consider cutting our losses and using someone else to ensure we meet the deadline.

    Unfortunately the agency that originally built our site went out of business, which led us to need to work with someone new and it hasn't worked out.

    We are looking at some fairly simple styling changes and a login element to a member section of the site. The latter has already been partially developed but uses email address not username as we require.

    In terms of timescales we are looking to deliver the new site at the start of August, so it is unquestionably quite tight.

    Do any of the perch developers here have the capacity and will to help us out? There is the potential for this to be an ongoing relationship or a one off depending on both parties preference.