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    Hi, using events app archive display - user has list of 'upcoming' and 'past' events. Is it possible that the event detail showing for an event can be different for a 'past' event than that showing when 'upcoming'?

    I ask because we may have an 'upcoming' race event - shows entry details etc. When race is 'past' we would like to show results, not entry details.

    I am guessing this could be done with some clever editing of the event-detail.html template to filter the upcoming and past descriptions

    Any ideas gratefully received, thanks.

    <div class="vevent">

    <h2 class="summary"><perch:events id="eventTitle" /></h2>

    <p class="dtstart"><span class="value-title" title="<perch:events id="eventDateTime" format="l, jS F Y g:i a" />"><perch:events id="eventDateTime" format="%c" /></span></p>

    <div class="description"><perch:events id="eventFutureDescHTML" type="textarea" editor="redactor" encode="false" /></div>

    <div class="description"><perch:events id="eventPastDescHTML" type="textarea" editor="redactor" encode="false" /></div>

    <p class="category"><perch:events id="category_names" encode="false" /></p>

    <perch:if exists="image">

    <img src="<perch:events id="image" type="image" label="Image" width="640" crop="true" />" alt="<perch:events id="eventTitle" />" />



    A client has e.g. a car site... they need to display a car's current age e.g. car manufactured in 2017 is in 2020 3 years old - yes, that simple output in whole years

    If we have the manufactured_date as a field in database what simple code could be used in template to display/output a list of cars with their current ages

    many thanks

    Hi, wondering how to make the following output conditional i.e. would like a checkbox the editors can tick to include/exclude personal email address output

    I tried a composite tag but that did not work and cannot work out how to inclue a simple yes/no option in the template - any help gratefully received

    template reuses staff first name last name to output a personal email address, so I need something to make that output optional

    <a href="mailto:<perch:content id="staff_name_first" type="text" label="First name" html="false" />.<perch:content id="staff_name_last" type="text" label="Last name" html="false" />"><perch:content id="staff_name_first" type="text" label="First name" html="false" />.<perch:content id="staff_name_last" type="text" label="Last name" html="false" /></a>

    I have got the fontcolor.js in place at addons\plugins\editors\redactor-plugins

    what do I need in config.js at addons\plugins\editors - does anyone have a full example please?

    I have found code I thought was correct but it merely removed the redactor toolbar altogether ... which makes me think the code was for V2 perch

    any help gratefully accepted

    As a technophobe and low-skilled web designer Perch has always been my go-to solution, I've been a user for many years and Drew and Rachel have done a great job; it's no suprise they quite rightly seek a better remuneration model for themselves as Perch has grown. I agree the lack of comms is frustrating and looking back at Perch over the years I think it all started to suffer after the introduction of the shop add-on - support issues and requests for shop help completely overwhelmed the forum and I guess dev time and energy - IMVHO. I hope they find the will to carry on!

    So I am setting up a new site for a club using Perch (client resistant to Runway but I think we will get there later!)

    So Events app installed and associated with a set of 'event' categories - eg social, race, training

    Question - if and when we go to Runway will those event categories still work? or will they need to be assigned to 'collections'?

    Thanks I know this is probably a dumb question... but I need a pathway to follow.

    I thought as much, not used runway as all my projects fall under 'small' ;) any advice or indeed offers of examples would be gratefully received

    I know what I want to achieve, but obviously need to get it right at the db design stage

    anyone have any experience of building an event results package in Perch? Not sure if this is a Perch or Runway job, so any advice or volunteers most welcome!

    Requirement for a sports club that has multiple races through season on various length courses with up to 40 competitors from various clubs

    need to be able to enter and display results for each event, store and reuse course name and distance, competitor name, competitor club

    be able to search for results by event,, and by competitor and by course or distance for that competitor

    Thanks everyone for your help, this is for an 'old' site on latest version 2 series of perch - user has no wish to upgrade as it's a simple site. I have of course already checked redactor documentation but finding details required for an 'old' version of redactor is not as easy as one might hope. I then found the right .js on github and as I had already added view source and tables plugins to redactor it was simple to do after all. Thanks again

    I am sure it's been asked before but I can't find a simple answer - how to add custom styling options for editors using redactor

    customer wants to be able to apply e.g. a 'blue' style as follows <span class="blue">blue text shows</span>

    this would I think require a separate button on redactor toolbar rather than addition to formatting drop down