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    Hi there,

    since the Gallery App is deprecated I'm looking for ways to import the images to the Assets Manager and the fields of the albums to a collection. Has anybody experience with this process or would share an import script? I found this in the docs, it's probably the way it should work.

    On the other hand, it would be interesting to know, if an import feature like this for deprecated first party apps will find its way into the v4 release.

    Thank you


    I updated an older site of a client which uses a lot of embed files in textile formatted text blocks. I'm, struggling to figure out how to properly format the links with different text and title.

    Until the update (v2.x), links to files locked like this:


    After updating perch to v3.x, the links to files look like this:

    [cms:asset 1720 title="title from file"] which create a link like this: <a href="file.pdf" title="title from file">title from file</a>

    How would I format the links in textile to create a link that has the default title but a different text, like so: <a href="file.pdf" title="title from file">read this</a>

    Thanks. Best

    I hoped for a solution where I don't end up with custom formatting on every tag in the cart, so I avoided the format attribute so far and used the global currency settings form the admin panel. Formatting the value in the template filter would be ideal.

    Does the format  attribute work on a filtered tag? I tried that that as well (see below), but it didn't work.

    1. <perch:shop id="total_items_discounted_with_tax" filter="downPayment" format="#:2|.|,"/>

    I'm working on a template filter to display a down payment based on a formatted cart tag (total_items_discounted_with_tax_formatted). Would it be possible to return a formatted value? I want to keep all the currency settings (delimiters and currency symbols). Here is the code I'm currently using:

    Thank you


    I'm looking for a cart template tag that gives the total value of all items in the cart including tax but without the shipping costs. That would be something like total_items_with_tax_formated.