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    I would like to use an opt in checkbox in a contact form to automatically subscribe the user's email address to a Mailchimp audience / list. The Mailchimp app is supposed to be able to do this by including the confirm_subscribe field as described here:…amples/subscription-form/

    1. <perch:input type="checkbox" value="1" id="confirm" mailer="confirm_subscribe">

    I've installed the Mailchimp app on a staging server, added the api key & hit sync but no list, subscriber or campaign data’s coming in from the Mailchimp account (very little data on this account).

    Without the data from Mailchimp, I have no list id to include in the form! Is the Mailchimp app still working for anyone else out there?

    Many thanks!

    Time is running out on this – My clients using Perch Shop have received further email notifications from Stripe saying full SCA enforcement begins on 31st December.



    We wanted to remind you about required changes to your Stripe integration due to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). While full enforcement begins on 31 December 2020, gradual enforcement of these requirements has already begun, as some banks have started to decline a portion of payments that aren’t SCA-ready.

    Although SCA enforcement was delayed in 2019, we do not anticipate the European Banking Authority (EBA) to grant any further delays. Because of this, we recommend updating your ***** account Stripe integration as soon as possible to avoid your payments being declined.

    Is this likely to be addressed at all? & if not, are there any alternative options other than moving the site to another platform?

    I have a few Runway sites using Amazon S3 / Cloudfront CDN to host images, which clients have been having problems uploading some jpgs to. For ages, I assumed the problems were memory related, i.e. clients trying to upload huge 300dpi jpgs, but on further testing I've discovered that these files upload fine if the exif metadata is removed.

    These files do actually upload to the CDN but Perch seems unable to create the thumbnail preview and when you reload the asset page the link to the uploaded file disappears, i.e. there's an entry for the asset title but the association to the uploaded file is lost, so it can't be added to a content region.

    I have no problem uploading the same files on another Runway installation (same version) that uses the default self hosted resources folder, i.e. on the same server as the site.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems or found any solutions?

    I've broken a client's runway blog by trying to hide the blog sub-pages (Post, Archive, RSS) from the clients page list - I figured adding the routes directly to the master pages would allow me to remove the subpages from the page listing but I mistakenly added the blog post routes (blog/[blogslug:s] & blog/[blogslug:s]/[preview:preview]) to the blog Index master page. Realising my mistake, I deleted the routes from the blog Index master page but now the routing is broken and all posts are returning 404s.

    The post can still be accessed via the querystring , i.e., but the clean url ( no longer works.

    Category, tag & archive listing routes are all working fine as I hadn't got round to messing these up!

    Runway 3.1.3, blog 5.6.1 - afraid to update Runway 'til I get this sorted!

    I tried deleting the blog post page from Runway and adding it again with the correct post routes, but it's still not working.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated - thanks!

    I've just had to trawl through 500+ form responses to delete spam / separate false positives & my wrists are not fairing well!

    Is there any way to increase the number of items (form responses, collection items, products, etc) per page displayed in the Perch UI?

    Or some way to display more page numbers than [1] [2] [3] ... [55]?

    If not, could we please have some more pagination controls, located both at the top and bottom of the listings?

    It's very frustrating trying to access higher page numbers as it requires multiple clicks in addition to having to scroll to the bottom of the page to access the navigation controls to advance to the next page!


    I added a honeypot field to a perch form for a client a few months back as the amount of spam was becoming problematic, as per instructions here:

    It certainly reduced the amount of spam but also seems to have marked a lot of valid enquiries as spam - approx. 20% of (over 500) messages listed in the spam tab were false positives.

    How can this happen? Do some browsers automatically fill empty fields?

    I'm aware of Ryan's new Recaptcha add-on & Akismet as alternative methods of managing spam but just wanted to see if I have the built in option working correctly first.


    The contact form template below is called using perch_content('Contact form');


    Runway 3.1.4 diagnostic:

    Thanks Ashafer & Drew, leafletjs looks promising, I'll keep it in mind for future projects!

    I wouldn't know where to start with writing a different front end for the maps field type - any pointers Drew? Sounds it might be beyond my current capabilities, but always happy to consider a challenge!

    From what I can gather, each map load is charged at something like .8c & you're charged for everything after you hit the $200 mark, each project receiving the free tier discount proportional to the number of overall hits in your account - does that make sense? & yes, you get the $200 free tier each month.

    They also included an introductory promotion of $250 (I think!), which is what I've now used up.

    Hey all,

    Not strictly Perch related but I believe many Perchers use Google maps on their sites... Has anyone started encountering massive charges for the Google Map API usage? I have a couple of Runway sites using a jquery Google maps storelocator & loads of Perch sites using basic location maps. Now the introductory discounts have run out & usage is exceeding the free tier, I have to start hitting up clients cap in hand!

    Other than disabling maps altogether, I can limit quotas but this would break functionality some of the time & damage overall UX. I know Google warned that the days of free maps API usage was up last year but it wasn’t clear or easy to gauge how long we’d be able coast along under the free tier radar.

    I considered setting up separate billing accounts for each client project and inviting them to enter their card details to pay the monthly fees directly. Or billing them manually once a year (I'd be billing for hosting anyway). It would be nice however if Google offered developers a reseller's commission for all this additional revenue we're sending their way and now have to sell future clients on!

    Wonder if I can / should set up a new Google cloud account for each client & generate a new API key for their project in this account? They might then benefit from the full free tier ($200), rather than it being spread out across all the projects in my account. There's a bit of work in this & I'm not even sure if it would work.

    I haven't looked into alternatives such as Openstreetmap yet, so I'm not even sure if storelocator type functionality is possible. Sorry for the long rant, just wondering if any other perchers have been hit with this yet and if you have, what approach you took - thanks!