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    Replied to the thread Mailchimp Addon- sending interests.
    Hello langersp80 ,

    We're using the Mailchimp App on the LOFFICE website, in the footer area, where it's perfectly doing its job:

    I'm sending the Mailchimp form template for reference. To make it easier to read, and public,…
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    Hai George,
    Hope everything with the project is well on your end.

    On this end things aren’t so well. We (the customers) have been waiting a long long time for any new versions or updates or even news about Perch.

    I hoped the new crew would start…
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    In the end I got round this by updating to Perch 3.1.5 on a sub-domain staging server and deploying that to live. Not totally sure if there was an issue with the server or with a Perch update prior to Perch 3. Anyway, that's how it was resolved.
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    Check with your host if PHP sessions are working correctly and/or if the sessions temp file has space. If not this, check with host for other potential issues.

    FYI: the Perch version is in the HTML source of the Perch login page like this

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    Good day to you all,

    As an update from a meeting held on Friday I can confirm the technical handover is progressing well and our objectives for the release of v4 are on track. I have requested of Drew the work he has already completed for SCA