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    (Quote from Clive Walker)

    I think most of us would support a change if it meant Perch would survive or even thrive.

    Something like Craft's licencing which Includes one year of updates and $59/year for updates after that?

    Either way, the update and the
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    Hi Drew,

    I think the community will appreciate the update and what sounds like more updates to come. However I think what is required more than anything else is a more open/honest channel of communication as to the state of play regarding perch. This…
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    Up next, I'm looking at putting some of the add-ons into GitHub. That's not always as straightforward as you think, as I need to check the licensing for any dependancies etc. But my intention is to begin with Blog.
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    Liked drewm’s post in the thread Any Version 4 News?.
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    I've just put out a 3.1.7 release fixing what I hope is the last of any PHP 7.4 compatibility issues that have been reported. I've also addressed an issue for MySQL 8.0.4 and up that was flagged.

    I've been looking as to how I can accelerate the…
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    Replied to the thread Any Version 4 News?.
    (Quote from drewm)

    drewm take a look at the admin style by Jay George

    That is a great starting point/approach for now that makes it easy for developers to stylize the admin easily and get rid of…
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    Thanks for the detailed notes, all. They've helped me identify and fix nearly all the above issues.

    The only ones I've not been able to address are the weird PhotoShop EXIF issue (need to source some images to reproduce) and the CSP issue, which I'm…