Page location not correct when created subpages

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    Regular Perch

    I'm not sure if I've missed a setting, but when I create a subpage and check the location url in the location tab, the page is sitting in the root of the website rather than in the subfolder. This then gives the incorrect url for the template path.

    Here are some screenshots of the page settings;

    This is the parent page;

    and this is the child page;

    Which results in a path of;

    1. <?php include(str_replace('/', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, 'perch/templates/pages/service_landing_page.php')); ?>

    Rather than

    1. <?php include(str_replace('/', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '../perch/templates/pages/service_landing_page.php')); ?>

    I've tried adding the /specialist-sensors/ manually in the location tab with move to this location ticked. Which moves the file, but doesn't update the template url.

    It's a site I did a few years back and if I add a subpage to a page I originally did it works as expected, so didn't know if I'd missed a step when setting up the new pages?



  • When creating the parent page you have to check the box saying This page will have more pages below it. I found that if I checked the box after I already created the parent page without checking the box, it is still creating the pages in root.