Perch Discontinued?

  • I was reading a thread about perch 4, not sure I got the full extent of the conversation, but it perch not longer being supported/being discontinued.

    I recently came across this and would like to use it on a site, but now I’m not sure going forward.

    thanks in advance

  • drewm

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  • Perch V3 is solid.

    The only problem is compatibility with PHP 7.4, which consequently is easy to get around by hiding a few lines of source.

    I believe Drew is looking into 7.4 compatibility but my experience is, it can run rather slow on 7.4 and the UI is often sluggish but it still works well on the rendering side.

    Personally, I would not discourage new people taking this up, the only real complaints are around compliance with regulations in relation to E-commerce, and I doubt the templating language will change much; if anything new programming possibilities will be added, with older methods not being deprecated any time soon so if you love templating (like me :) then i would say go for it because it is a wonderful system to use and you can always move code into the PHP side of things and generate markup that way.


  • I was reading a thread about perch 4,

    Maybe you missed this quote from the lead dev:

    "progress is still being made, updates are still coming, and support is still here. Perch isn't about to stop or disappear or anything like that. It's just that at the current volume of license sales I need to do other work"

    Fair enough.

    Life can't be too bad when your side-hustle is Perch Runway! good times.