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  • David That is interesting, but it appears that micro.blog is another platform that people would use similar to Twitter but without the character limitations? There would need to be an API that would allow Perch to connect to micro.blog and it doesn't appear that they are that far along in the project unless I'm missing something.

  • davidroberts , what’s the use case here? You’re looking to install a cms to manage the blog posts on a micro.blog account?

    Maybe i’m missing something here, but unless you’re looking for a single system to update your website AND external micro.blog at the same time isn’t using an external CMS essentially the same thing as editing in the micro.blog interface?

  • Jordin,

    I'm wondering if it is to keep all of his online type activity "self-contained" so he doesn't have to go to a different platform. It is an interesting concept to not using other big social media platforms. Social Media without having to have all your data mined seems to be the point. If I'm thinking of this correctly you would have to build an addon that could communicate both downhill and upstream so when you logged into Perch you would receive the activity of other members of micro.blog as well. One use case might be having a small business that needs to post an update like "We are closed today due to Heavy Snow" which would go to the micro.blog channel and also post on the website. This would make it so you don't have to create a full fledged blog for short announcement type stuff.

  • Matt, Thats the assumption I came to as well. I could definitely see the use for a small business owner who only wants to edit content in one place. Although that's not the impression I got from the initial question. Maybe I'm just reading too much between the lines though :/. If i'm not mistaken, micro.blog uses a markdown editor as well, so there is that learning curve you could overcome by using a different editor in another CMS like Perch.

    Agreed a Perch App the exploits the full feature set of the micro.blog would be required. Could even create a dashboard widget maybe to a quick post. Or event canned response posts if you decide to use it as a sort of notification system. Tonnes of possibilities here.

    Interesting concept. I don't partake much in social media for much of the reasons micro.blog states so it sounds great to me.

    If anyone is interested in developing something, i'd be willing to lend a hand.:thumbup:

  • I like this concept because like you I don't really do much social media. I could see this being a pretty cool way for clients to communicate quickly on their website without doing a full blown blog post. Or even live blogging could be done with something like this. Just shorter byte sized pieces of info that are time stamped. I like the dashboard widget that I could type a quick post directly into the widget. That would be really cool and fast. I believe there is also some sort of integration with webmentions, but I would have to look into that I didn't read everything more of a quick scanning.

    I am interested in developing something like this, but currently I'm digging out of saying yes to too many projects without leaving myself the requisite amount of time. Also to be fair I'm a beginner from a development standpoint. I have worked with some API's and written a couple of small PHP integrations but I haven't ever done anything for Perch so this will have a learning curve for me. I'm open, but I want you to be aware of my limitations prior to moving forward. :/:burd1: