Form validators and controlling spam

  • Client is getting spammed to death but doesn't want to pay for akismet. The honeypot collects probably half of the spam messages but the rest get through - approx. 25 messages per day about covid masks/viagra etc.

    Could the form validators described on this page be used to set up a maths question or homemade captcha for preventing spam, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Akismet will be bloody cheap compared to the hours you'll spend find alternative ways of combatting the inevitable onslaught of spam. The client's going to have to pay you something at the end of the day!

    You can try @ryan's excellent add-on that uses Google's Recaptcha API. I've had good success with this, better than Akismet on some sites. I've found Recaptcha V2 is better suited to small brochure-ware sites with a single form, as V3 ideally needs installing to every single page on your site. Which is a bit icky IMHO.