Blog Comments

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure this is feasible currently, but I have a client that wants to initiate comments on their blog. However, what they would like to do is allow all blog comments to be live immediately and then, if required, mark them as rejected or spam at a later date. In other words, they do not initially have the time / overhead to review each comment as it comes in and go to the CMS to mark it as live etc etc.

    Currently, even though I have turned off 'notify author of new comments', I am wondering if there is a setting I can use to make all initial comments 'live'.

    I know this probably goes against the grain of the whole ethos of a blog and the set-up, but I can understand that (potentially) there will be very few comments that actually will need any other action apart from being set 'live' and as such, if this can be automated, that would save time.