Sending email with ms exchange

  • Hi there,

    have an old client who went and changed exchange hosts after around 5 years and the new host seems to be saying we can’t use smtp with their service. Just get straight up authentication errors.

    They said we should use php mailer but I’m stumped. It’s super frustrating that they won’t allow us to use smtp as we did with the last crowd.

    What are my options? I don’t really know how much work is going to be involved in getting a new solution up and running. They have a lot of forms as it’s a job site and I currently have a lot of auto responders setup via perch itself.

    Sendgrid has been suggested to me.

  • Very strange that they are blocking outgoing SMTP, never heard of a hosting company doing that before.

    The perch mailer class uses PHPMailer under the hood so you can rely on that to deliver emails, but without SMTP it can be 50/50 whether the email will be delivered without it being marked as spam.

    If you wanted to go with Sendgrid you'd need to update the PerchEmail class (/admin/core/lib/PerchEmail.class.php), however as your editing a core file support would be invalidated and when/if perch release another update it could cause other issues down the line.

    Otherwise the only other options I see is getting them to switch on SMTP for you, or moving to another host again.