How to do SEO and meta info

  • Hi everyone!

    What's the best way to manage page titles and meta info?

    I tested using the Details Tab inside admin, adding a Title and some keywords but after publishing and viewing source the Title is missing.

    For now Ive just added the data back into the php pages.

    Whats the slickest way to handle this for admins?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Jon

    Thanks for the reply.

    It's just the standard meta info in the head of my php pages. I was sort of expecting this info to be replicated in the admin under Details Tab.

    I'm now starting to think I need to call a template in the head of my pages. Is there a best practices way to handle standard Meta info?


  • Hi

    I can't say what's general practice but I think most people would use perch_page_attributes and perch_page_attributes_extend to call the details into a page template. The docs are here.

    It gets more a wee bit more complicated when you separate out your pages into headers. For that you will need the function perch_layout_var to pass data from your main page into your header that calls the page attributes. The docs are here.

    And then it gets more complicated still when you factor in list/detail pages, blogs and collections (in Perch Runway).

    Hussein Al Hammad has written a great post called list/detail and beyond which includes some great tips on displaying meta data when it gets a bit more involved. It's a method very similar to what I use too (mainly because I swiped it off him ;) ).

    The official docs are a little out of date but there's a good piece on open graph meta data here, which has some nuggets in there.

    There's also Ryan Gitting's Chirp app which helps optimise SEO – that might be of interest.

    Hopefully these resources will help you understand the functions that get data from the details tab into your pages.

  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the details, a lot to look into there.

    It would be amazing to see a common use case from start to finish for page title, meta description and keywords (the main three)
    I'll experiment locally and work it out.

    Thanks for your help!