Archive URL's not listing the correct page

  • The Tag/Category URL's on the Archive page are not going to the correct URL and so are not showing the Tag/Category.

    For example on the blog page the URL is /blog/2017-10-25-handmade and the Tag is Handmade - /blog/tag/handmade. When you click on that it works. On the Archive page there are a list of Tags, when you click on Handmade the URL is /blog/archive?/handmade it just takes you to list of blog posts and not the specific tag. The same issue happens with the Category URL. How do I get the correct URL?

  • That does not seem to work. On the Archive page I have a list of tags. When you click on a tag e.g. URL/blog/archive?/architecture it just give you a list of blog posts and not the architecture posts.

    The code that I have in the archive.php template is