Christmas Light Installer

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    I just finished a project that was fun. I'm a fan of the menu on this project especially on bigger screens. I also used a subtle color change animation on the logo which is the first time I've added any type of animation to an SVG file so that was fun. I do prefer the site on a desktop more than a mobile device, because IMO all sites begin to look the same on mobile phones. Any commentary or improvement suggestions are always welcome.

  • drewm

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  • Hey.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But there are quite a few issues with your site on mobile.

    Mainly that there is a horizontal scrolling bar meaning your content is too wide/grid system not working. Also the burger navigation doesn't work at all.

  • Drew is correct. I did not make it so there was a forced page reload once the website dropped under 767px. I had it in the file originally but opted against it. I really think the only people that take browser windows and re-size are web developers. Maybe that should have have been a question that I asked if people thought I should force the page to reload upon browser window re-size?