Featured Image Downsampling

  • Hi there. When writing a blog post on the edit page, I "Select or upload an image" and it inserts the featured image at full resolution (say, 120k), which I can see in the stats just above the upload link. Then I press the Save button and it suddenly downsamples it to like 4k or 5k in the stats, using a thumbnail. It looks awful on my site. Why is it doing this, and how do I stop it?


  • drewm

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  • Hi

    When you add an image to any edit page then it is generally sized according to the settings in the assigned template. In this case it will probably be templates/blog/post.html. You'd need to edit this template to resize and crop the image to suit your design.

    You can either edit the default field type, or even add multiple field types using the same id and Perch will generate those when you upload an image. This way you can generate, for example, a thumbnail and a main image from the same image at the same time, and use them in different places on your site.