Members add on - using different email templates

  • Hi, when a new member registers is it possible to send a different email depending on the value chosen in a <perch:input type="select"...? For example if a new member registers and selects a country from a dropdown list on the registration form the welcome email can contain contact details for that country. Thanks, Jon

  • drewm

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  • Thanks for getting back to me Ian but I do need to use a different 'welcome' email templates when a user registers. Consider this scenario; A new user registers and part of the registration form asks what range of products they are interested in. Using this info send a welcome email with details of the account manager for that product range. I'm sure there must be a way to provide this functionality?

  • While I don't think you can use different templates, if you want to customize the email based on replies sent to the forms app, I think you could do that with conditionals.

    In your templates/forms/emails template:


    <perch:if id="product_family" value="birdfeeders">

    Do this...


    maybe something else...



    where product_family was a field on the form. So a set of conditionals in a single forms app email template should be able to accommodate your needs.