Blog posts not showing up after being created or edited

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem on a site I've created for a client where new blog posts and existing blog posts that have been edited don't appear on the site. They appear in the back-end fine and all the database data seems to be correct, but they won't appear on the site in the list of blog articles. They will show up in site search but if I navigate to them they show no content, just the error messages attached (they relate to not finding any other posts because I use the ID of the current post to find the previous and next posts, it seems like it can't find the current post's ID). Occasionally after viewing the empty blog post page and reloading several times the blog post suddenly appears.

    I can eventually make the posts show up by repeatedly changing some setting in the meta and social tab and re-saving multiple times until something magical happens and the blog post appears. However if I then make any further edits they disappear again. Edits to the meta and social tab don't make the posts disappear, only edits to the content of the posts themselves.

    The posts are all set to 'published' etc. so it isn't just a simple issue with post settings. This is happening both in the dev environment and in production.

    Perch and all add-ons are the current versions.

    Any help solving this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks! ;):burd1:

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