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    Hi All,

    I'm wanting to set a default values for all products already in my Perch Shop and then update all the products once I've updated & uploaded 'product.html' file.

    I'd like to have all products 'requires_shipping' set to true (yes).

    I'd also like to know how I set dynamic fields to do the same i.e. <perch:shop id="show_productrating" type="checkbox" label="Show Product Rating" value="1" default="1">

    Many thanks in advance


    I'm having problems getting an order to show in the 'Orders' app if I apply any 'status' within checkout.php:

    Any help and direction here would be very much appreciated.

    Actually, if I change the status to 100 or below the order disappears from the 'Orders' app. Is this supposed to happen?

    Also, what relevance/effect do the index numbers have?


    If you change the name of the default category:

    1. // default template
    2. $template = 'categorylevel_1.html';

    it doesn't actually use that template, it only uses category.html for level 1.

    If I then put my level 1 code into category.html it breaks the actual category system in Perch CMS.

    Does that make sense?

    I'm just trying to specify another template for level 1 other than the default category.html

    I thought it was just me being stupid.

    I'm surprised that such a simple thing (correctly formatted nested lists ) be so difficult to implement.

    This was Perch's original selling point - "A CMS should not be dictating your front-end code. With Perch, you bring your own code to your project.".

    Think this is why I went down this route, maybe the answer is something similar?

    This is the method I tried originally but couldn't get the list nested correctly.

    I've just tried again and just seem to get unexpected results.

    I've tried and number of variations, placing <perch:before>, <perch:if id="catDepth" value="2" match="eq"> etc in various configurations but none of them seem to provide a correctly nested list, i.e.

    1. <ul class="ulv1">
    2.     <li class="llv1">
    3.         <a class="alv1">Level 1 Cat Title</a>
    4.         <ul class="ulv2">
    5.             <li class="llv2">
    6.                 <a class="alv2">Level 2 Cat Title</a>
    7.             </li>
    8.         </ul>
    9.     </li>
    10. </ul>

    This is what I'm working with:

    This workup is for 2 category levels (catDepth=2) but ultimately I'm trying to do 4 category levels.

    Any help on how I structure this to get the desired outcome would be very much appreciated.

    To clarify, I'm trying to display my product categories as a drop down menu using nested list items something like this example:

    I just thought I needed the multiple queries so that I can have the nested list items like this below?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Not really - thought that's how I tap into each category sub level.

    Don't know if this has any impact on a solution but I'm also running a query to determine whether to display the item or not.

    Not really working as I'd expect for the sub items, anyway this is what I currently have in each of the category templates:



    1. <perch:before>
    2. <ul class="ulv2 <perch:if id="catPath" match="eq" value="{currentCat}">active</perch:if>">
    3. </perch:before>
    4. <li class="lilv2">
    5. <a class="alv2 <perch:if id="catPath" match="eq" value="{ctS}">active</perch:if>" href="/<perch:category id="pge" value="{pge}">?ctS=<perch:category id="catPath">&ctT=<perch:category id="catTitle">&lyO=<perch:category id="lyO" value="{lyO}">"><perch:category id="catTitle" type="smarttext" label="Title" required="true" /></a>
    6. </li>
    7. <perch:after>
    8. </ul>
    9. </perch:after>


    I'm using Perch Runway and I'm trying to create a side menu using perch_categories([ });

    I currently have 2 layers (each with their own template) that work fine but want to extend this to 4 and really would appreciate some help/guidance.

    This is what I have currently in a layout template which specifies the templates for each layer:

    Once again any help would be very much appreciated.