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    I don't buy the asset stripping narrative. If Perch wasn't selling enough licences to support a lone developer there's no way a company would acquire it to hoover up existing license sales. Seems like a dealing with legacy code/handover/lack of preparation/communication style set of issues.

    But the lack of response creates a vacuum so it's understandable that many fear the worst.

    It really wouldn't take that much to reassure us. I feel like we have to keep taking Perch's pulse to check it's still alive. Some more communication doesn't seem like a lot to ask for. And Perch really has to reach out to the community members who are supporting their product.

    P.s. The fact that all support is being left to the most dedicated members of your community and that no one from Perch has directly reached out to thank them is shameful. Show some respect! Clive Walker and others deserve a medal!

    The pattern of 'nothing... nothing... nothing... HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT... but then nothing' style of communication has been a fairly long term problem with Perch, particularly after version 4 was announced and never came. You, the new owners, have unfortunately inherited that. Lots of great members of this little community have gone because of that. And the remaining ones are exasperated. So that's something you need to fix.

    It's understandable that deadlines aren't always met and plans go a bit wrong but the silence is corrosive. It's essential that you talk to us a bit more.

    It wouldn't take much. And it doesn't all need to be directly about Perch's path forward, though that's something we do need to know.

    It seems like your putting a team together. It would be nice if members of the team said hi and talked to us more regularly so we can get a better sense of who you are. And there are some good ideas lurking here, so you should reach out for those.

    You should do that now. There are some long term community members who are very close to quitting. They'll be your most dedicated supporters and cheerleader if you talk to them. But the community will be difficult for you to rebuild if you leave it to crumble. And it's crumbling.

    Honestly, the previous owners seemed actively hostile. It's been undermining the community for years. Many long term users stopped posting to the forums because they didn't get much respect. We hope you're good people and that the future of Perch is secure, but there's a lot of doubt about that. You can assuage that if you talk to us a little more. Please!

    I think it's also a cost benefit issue. If you build something complex which pushes you well out of your comfort zone, but you end up with something great at the end the pain is worth it. But after putting yourself through the hurt of building a Perch Shop you were left with something that felt unfinished. And the gradual withdraw of support came not too long after Shop's release. So you were left bruised from a tricky build, with an incomplete product and with increasingly weary support from the Perch team.

    That then further deteriorated into a lot of unexpected work to keep Shop functioning as the Perch team moon walked away from it. The lack of response for things like SCA compliance further spoiled shop's reputation.

    Shop is a bit of a fixer upper but it could be great if the new owners fix it so it's worth the effort of building with it.

    I'd given up on the Perch shop app as it was abandoned by Drew and Rachel. It has a lot of potential though. It's was fiddly to build due to lack of development as ndwl mentioned and incomplete documentation. If the new owners decide to resurrect it that would be ideal. A third party app is the only viable solution at the moment though and Snip Cart seems like a good choice. More integration for it would be pretty cool. Even cooler though would be a working Perch Shop app and some third party apps. To much to hope for maybe?