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    My site is still running Perch, upgraded to 3.2. I use the events addon which is currently at version 1.9.5. From the Perch addons page I can't download events 1.9.6. Is there a way of updating the addon as it is being flagged in diagnostics as being out of date.

    My login to your site doesn't give me access to the Perch Runway addons page as I don't currently have any Perch Runway subs.



    Hi George,

    I have one Perch site and need to decide what to do with it now that you are no longer going to be supporting Perch. I haven't quite understood your pricing model. Currently if I click on the upgrade link it quotes £129 + vat to upgrade from perch to perch runway. It doesn't say anything about a subscription model. Is the subscription model not yet in your online shop?

    Also, what are the risks of me continuing to run Perch. How long before it becomes a security issue or is incompatible with php or something like that? And how long will the Perch to Perch runway upgrade path and tools be supported.



    This is exciting news. I am a very basic Perch user with just three sites under my belt. However, I have always been so supported by drewm and this community. Good luck, Drew and rachelandrew and thank you for Perch!

    Really looking forward to seeing what comes with George G and the new team.

    Yes, pretty soon. We're working on getting that ready.

    Hi Drew,

    I have read this thread with interest and fully understand the need for a new pricing model. Any update on what the pricing might look like or how soon we should expect Perch 4?



    That might be a good question to ask in the CKEditor forums.

    True, but I just thought someone here might have had a similar experience and worked out a way around it. I have previously found folk in this forum very helpful.

    I tried using the tinymce editor but couldn't actually get it to work...I noticed it was a Perch 2 addon so assumed it doesn't work in Perch that correct?

    That would be accurate, though as we are loading content very actively for the next week, could you leave this thread open for a couple of days just in case the glitch re-occurs and I can capture some definitive error message?


    I currently have the ckeditor installed and working well for the most part on my 'textarea' regions.

    As an editor, it gives you the ability to put a table in to the text a similar way to the text editor used by this forum.

    I can then go into the source within the textarea and add a class to the table to style it.

    Saving it from this source view results in the table appearing on the page styled correctly. However, if I go back into the page to edit it, the text editor overrides the previous styling, removing the class from the <table> and if I save again the styling disappears from the page.

    Is there a way of getting the ckeditor to retain classes that you add in the source


    is there a better editor to use that would do this?


    No errors in the browser console.

    I deleted the blank assets and reloaded them. Then re-added them to the pages. Obviously that all worked fine.

    The problem hasn't re-occurred today.

    Here is the debug from the page itself.

    We have just started adding the main content to a new website I build using perch and I have just got some users going adding some image files and sub pages to a directory part of the site. Things were going fine yesterday but then I notice today that some of the images uploaded into the assets and used on the site have now disappeared. They are still listed in the assets but not visible as images on the pages where they are used. You can still download the original files so the assets still exist. Any clues why this might have happened?

    Here is a screenshot of the assets page on the CMS.

    The CMS debug below seems free of errors:

    And so does the debug on a page where the asset should be appearing.

    Recently I've been getting messages from clients asking about being able to create recurring events so that they don't have to enter events which happen each week twice or sometimes 4 times having multiple instances of the same event with just a different date. Would this be something that might be looked at in future?

    I have the same requirement from my users. Hopefully someone might help develop this!