Perch Roadmap & Updates

  • Commercially we are exploring new options like Kirby CMS as we are struggling to sell Perch to larger clients due to a lack of roadmap / regular updates / bug fixes.

    From a business point of view we need more reassurance. We have a few projects to complete in Perch but it I think we will have to transition away, which is a shame because it's always been a great CMS & we've used it for years. Can Perch HQ provide any reassurance?

    For example has been down since the start of the week, how can we refer clients to see what CMS we will be using when it flags a SSL error?

    Perch shop has this issue outstanding with no updates: SCA Regulation

    We really do love perch, there is no other CMS like it and want to continue using it but unfortunately clients do have a say in what we do as they pay the bills.