Creating PDF's for customer after shop order?

  • Hi

    I have been building a Runway site using the and am looking into how to generate PDF's of the order for the customer to download/print.

    I found 'pdfmake' which seems to fit the bill but before getting into the learning curve, can anyone else suggest the best way to go about this?


  • If customer already receives invoice via html email, my thoughts on this are it's up to user to manage what happens from that point. Some might want to "print" or downloaded as PDF, which most email clients and web browsers can do when select print from the menu. I guess you want to ignore that and generate the PDF anyway.

  • I have an orders history page too, where all previous invoices are listed. I added a print style sheet to the invoice template, so the invoice page looks nicely formatted when printed, without site navigation etc.

    Web browsers can save to PDF via the print dialog box, so there's no need to re-create functionality that's built into browser. If you're worried people don't know about this, you could always mention it on the invoice page. Anyway, good luck if you decide to generate PDFs!