Editor role for a single page within Perch

  • Hi,

    I have a situation where a client wishes to have multiple administrators look after individual pages. That is, each 'editor' would need to have the privileges of 'login in', 'edit page details' and the selection of what 'page' they are allowed to edit.

    As such, when they login, they can just see the page they have been granted access to edit.

    There doesn't seem to be any obvious way out of the box to accomplish this, unless I am missing something. I could have sworn there was the ability to assign an editor a single page, or page by page selection of items they can see/edit.

    In-case I am missing something obvious, the only other workarounds I am thinking of would be to somehow create a 'blog' with a unique name to hold a page for each administrator and as such, they could then be assigned to view that blog only. Not exactly pretty !

    Not sure how far I could extend the members app and perhaps turn the page into a 'profile', but the page they would be editing needs to have ability to upload files, add text and images etc, which from memory, the members / profile element is not great at, or rather, not designed for.

    Any suggestions very welcome, as potentially I will require around 20 editors, to control a unique page each and without seeing or being able to edit the others.



    FYI, I am using Perch 3.1.6

  • Ok, so almost literally after I have posted this, I have figured out how I can set-up an individual role for each administrator and set the region permissions to only give access to this user.

    In other words, I am creating a new role, say 'Page 1 editor'. Then, selecting the page -> region, I can then go into 'Region Options' and select the permissions and only give this role permission to edit this page.

    I can then set up further roles (Page 2 Editor, Page 3 Editor.....) etc and repeat the process, making sure that page 1 only has the permission for Page 1 Editor, Page 2 only has permission for Page 2 Editor etc etc

    However, whilst this works pretty well, if I login as Page 1 Editor, I can still see ALL the pages, even though I am not allowed to edit them and ideally, I want this role to just see Page 1 only.

    Hope this makes sense.

    There must be a way to 'hide' the pages that contain regions I am not allowed to edit ?

  • Thanks Rene.

    Unfortunately, that's not good for this application, it really needs to be the pages, i.e. different administrators can only see the single page they are allowed to edit.

    I might be able to get around this by setting up a single page inside a 'blog' installation and then just giving the administrator access to his blog, but I'm not sure if they will still see the core pages. I will need to look into it. Then, I would just have to implement a blog installation for each administrator, so that when they login, all they see is that particular blog installation.

    Such a pain that you cannot 'hide' pages from administrators, as it just leads to confusion as to what they can and cannot edit. Should just be able to login and only see the page or pages they have access too.

  • Yes, you still see the 'core' pages in the solution, even if all the administrator is allowed to do is say edit a blog.

    Really just cannot get around that you cannot hide pages from administrators. Will have to go back and check my Runway installations but I think that this is the same across all Perch platforms.

    Shame, as it looks as if I will now have to look at another platform and I really didn't want to, given the time constraints of the project.

    Will look at somehow getting into the core and see if I can write something for user management.

  • Quote

    I have a situation where a client wishes to have multiple administrators look after individual pages

    To be picky, "administrators" are by definition top dog, granted full rights to see anything.

    I had a similar situation where I wanted different staff in the company to manage only the content they were responsible for, so guess what I did to solve the problem? I asked them to edit only what they're responsible for.

    If you can't trust someone to follow basic instructions about the pages they're meant to edit, then perhaps they shouldn't be given access at all? In my case, I still created a general "editor" role with limited scope, and I also encouraged them to save bookmarks to the edit pages or collections they worked on. That way, they don't see the list of all pages in their editing routine.

    Apart from that, it sounds like a job for the members app. Not sure how you'd get uploaded content published to pages though. Without knowing exactly what you're hoping to end up with, hard to say.

  • Yes, I should have made it clear that I was using the term administrator in a generic way for anyone having the ability to administer the CMS. What I have so far is a series of different roles, so that individual editors can sign in and only edit the page that particular role allows them.

    In some ways, my specific requirements for this particular project might be fairly unique, as the 'editors' will be from different companies, all administering individual areas of a 'communal' website.

    However, irrespective of this, what I have found in the past with multiple editors (from the same company) is that they soon get confused as to what they are allowed to edit, if they are presented with 30pages in a list. If they logged in and only viewed the individual page that they were allowed access to, this would remove any confusion.

    I just find it odd that Perch can segment a users role to a region, which is much more granular and further down the line than just allowing access to individual pages.