It's All Blank

  • I updated the /core directory, and the latest Perch 3 showed it installed fine. The CMS works just fine as well.

    But the pages are blank. Truncated just before the first <php> call.

    So I checked the PHP version on the server, which Godaddy recently "updated" hardware for. I turned on debug in the config file, and it doesn't even show on the pages.

    Diagnostics (the URL is not real for client privacy):

    So what's missing here? Why are all the public pages blank?

  • Resolved. The error logs shows the runtime wasn't connecting. It was a missing slash. I guess the new server they switch doesn't allow that. Thanks for the help as usual Clive Walker

    dosa Running into the same issue right now! Would you be willing to share more details around what you did to resolve the blank pages issue? My CMS is updated to Perch 3.2, PHP version is 7.2, and the CMS is working, but the pages are all blank.

    Could you please elaborate on the missing slash issue you fixed?

    Thanks in advance for your help!