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    Thanks Clive Walker - the Wget looks pretty "demo" style. I'll hunt around for something more robust and user-friendly. Not sure I want to learn terminal commands to complete a static backup. Hoping there is a 'crawl' style tool that can save it. The site has hundreds of pages.

    So what's your manual method? I imagine all that's missing is the actual content, so just saving directly in your browser to the right directory or is there a smoother way?

    Resolved. The error logs shows the runtime wasn't connecting. It was a missing slash. I guess the new server they switch doesn't allow that. Thanks for the help as usual Clive Walker

    Thanks Clive - yep, the HTaccess file looks messed up. I found it's only the home page, not any other pages. I've hit this wall before.....

    Update - Godaddy says they removed PHP 5.4......but this site is Perch 3 using PHP 7.3

    Would that make this issue? Removing an old version of PHP from the server?

    I updated the /core directory, and the latest Perch 3 showed it installed fine. The CMS works just fine as well.

    But the pages are blank. Truncated just before the first <php> call.

    So I checked the PHP version on the server, which Godaddy recently "updated" hardware for. I turned on debug in the config file, and it doesn't even show on the pages.

    Diagnostics (the URL is not real for client privacy):

    So what's missing here? Why are all the public pages blank?

    Thanks for the info! I asked the host to hidden the response headers, but they said they already are hidden.

    My client says:

    1. The header is present in response on and However, responses on other non-existing files do not contain such header. Also, their HTTP body is different from what I see below. This difference in responses may indicate that it's a customized response produced by phpinfo.php to intentionally expose only PHP version but with 404 HTTP code.

    So is that true. Is Perch intentionally exposing the version? See the screenshot he took on this testing tool.

    hus_hmd - you mentioned this x-powered-by. Yes, that's what showing. What should be hidden on the server level then?

    Hello! I'm told by a security team of my client that "The PHP version is disclosed in the response headers" in the following pages:

    -- /perch/phpinfo.php

    -- /perch/resources/phpinfo.php

    -- /perch/

    I don't even see these files and I'm not sure what they mean by "response headers". Is there something I can edit to remove the PHP version mention in the documents they mentioned?

    I do have access. Here's the most recent lines:

    1. [Wed Aug 26 21:32:58.623283 2020] [core:error] [pid 31784:tid 140652704646912] [client] AH00126: Invalid URI in request GET /%2500../../../../../../etc/passwd%2500 HTTP/1.1
    2. [Wed Aug 26 21:32:59.051633 2020] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 29986:tid 140652629112576] [client] AH01071: Got error 'Primary script unknown'

    You think it's the PHP version? Using 7.3.21

    Thanks I did enable it. Tests out correct. Oddly it's only the home page, all the other pages work fine. I can't see the debug since the page doesn't load. THoughts?