Runway - Blog: if post not found

  • Currently in Runway, if a blog post is not found, the visitor sees a page with no content between the header and footer.

    We can use the <perch:noresults></perch:noresults> tags in perch/templates/blog/post.html to display a message like 'Sorry that item could not be found'.

    But really, the page should be re-directed to 404, don't you think?

    <?php perch_blog_post(perch_get('s')); ?> should do this by default in my opinion.

  • I think with the way perch is designed it's probably best for it to not be default behavior as Perch tends to be a very much DIY but here's some tools for you. Features like this make it a bit more opinionated, as it keeps in line with most perch_x_custom functions.

    The routed 404 page is also a Runaway only feature, and as blog is a standalone addon I think it makes sense to not do this by default, though an option to pass into the perch_blog_post function to enable it would be nice