Blog Addon RSS Feed

  • Hi,

    I'ved used to post the rss feed of the blog onto Facebook, however it doesn't include the article image used.

    It posts the header image of the website template, rather than the article image.

    I tried to add to the RSS feed, so it is as below with the <image> line added.

    Does anyone know how to get this to work, or if i'm doing something wrong?


    1. <item>
    2. <title><perch:blog id="postTitle" /></title>
    3. <link><perch:blog id="domain" /><perch:blog id="postURL" /></link>
    4. <guid><perch:blog id="domain" /><perch:blog id="postURL" /></guid>
    5. <description><![CDATA[<perch:blog id="postDescHTML" encode="false" />]]></description>
    6. <pubDate><perch:blog id="postDateTime" format="D, d M Y H:i:s O" /></pubDate>
    7. <image><perch:blog id="image" type="image" /></image>
    8. </item>
  • Tthanks for the reply.

    That's what I was hoping for, I have added an image in the Meta and Social thread and the full URL shows up correctly in the source code, but the post on Facebook takes the first image on the page, which is the header image. If I remove that, then it posts the image on the article, but not the one in the Meta and Social tab.