No folders are writeable anymore

  • Hey Perch Community,

    I have a client that has had perch for around 3 years. All has been fine and Dany until now :rolleyes:

    They have an issue now where none of the folders on the server are writable by any DB user we create with read/write privileges. Any ideas onto what's going on? Is this version of Perch too old?

    I am not hosting. My Perch diagnostic code is below.

    Thanks in advance ti any insight!

    Cheers, Matt

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  • Hi

    I think you need to speak to the host first if you've got folder permission issues. You're right in saying that the resource folder isn't writable but that won't be down to Perch. You should be able to (re)set the folder permission in the host control panel but sometimes on shared hosting it needs a swift kick from tech support!