Download CSV in the Perch Form Addon not working - HTTP500

  • Hello,

    I am trying to do a back up from my form collected data via CSV Download.

    Sadly I am getting an HTTP 500 error as I click the button

    I updated the core to the latest version but it did not resolve the issue.

    Is there a maximum limit I may have gone over in the amount of form submissions ?

    In the meantime I just exported the data from the database but I would prefere a neat CSV :)

    Any help welcome,

    Thank you


  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your input.

    I know my issue was really really silly as it is for most of my requests I post here :D

    And the answer was super easy too.

    I had gathered over 3000 form entries for that particular site, the server could simply not cope processing the volume into a file.

    PHP memory was set to low.

    I doubled the memory_limit in my INI editor and the CSV download now works.

    Thanks a bunch,