categories vs collections

  • So I am setting up a new site for a club using Perch (client resistant to Runway but I think we will get there later!)

    So Events app installed and associated with a set of 'event' categories - eg social, race, training

    Question - if and when we go to Runway will those event categories still work? or will they need to be assigned to 'collections'?

    Thanks I know this is probably a dumb question... but I need a pathway to follow.

  • Hi

    Categories and collections are two core parts of Perch (and Runway) so I don't think you are going to have to transfer categories to collections, unless your categories start storing large amounts of data or relationships.

    The biggest issue you are going to have is that (as far as I am aware) the Events app is not being updated or developed and therefore won't receive support anymore. If there's a new version coming then you'd need to ask the owners. It's all a bit quiet on that front at the moment…

    Most of the Events app can be replicated using Collections as far as I know. Not used Events myself.