Shop - Processing time for creating or updating products

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    When saving a single product in my store admin, it takes up to 3 minutes to complete. I understand that writing is much more expensive, i was just wondering if 3 minutes is actually normal.
    I am on a decent server with approx. 1400 Products (~2000 eventually).

    I have a bunch of custom fields, no-index set.

    Grateful for any insights.



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  • Ahoy Hussein,

    thank you for answering.

    It occurs when creating or updating products. The processing time gradually increased from 20secs to almost 4mins while importing new products. Now, when updating existing products, programmatically or via ui, it also takes up to 4mins.

    Might it be related to 'optimize table'?

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  • I've done some simple tryouts concerning optimize table. If i am not mistaking, optimize table is called every time i create or update a product, which seems to be the cause for the prolonged processing. If i skip it entirely or just call it once the batch import has finished, i don't see any performance degradation (tested w/ 1000 products), e.g when searching.

    So, my new question is: Is it necessary to call optimize table for every single creation/update?