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    Since this is the General Discussions section I figured I would post here as it is off topic and not related to Perch directly.

    I do a lot of testing to try and help my sites load faster and I wanted to know if anyone else here has utilized "preload" and "preconnect" links in the head section of the HTML. I feel like I'm seeing a small bump in performance, but I was wondering if anyone had tested these directives out. I'm looking for best practices that have worked for other developers to see if implementing some adjustments might get me a better outcome. Most of my hosting is done on a VPS server with Nginix as a reverse proxy so this does help with caching.

    I just finished a project that was fun. I'm a fan of the menu on this project especially on bigger screens. I also used a subtle color change animation on the logo which is the first time I've added any type of animation to an SVG file so that was fun. I do prefer the site on a desktop more than a mobile device, because IMO all sites begin to look the same on mobile phones. Any commentary or improvement suggestions are always welcome.

    Jordin, Very Cool. Do you feel like Tinify works better than Kracken? Is that why you wrote the app?

    I will be watching it and testing it on a few projects to see how it works. Great work

    Thank you Drew. I wanted to drop kick the spammers, so I'm glad we have a new system. Might take me a little bit to get comfortable with new things, but I'm open to anything so long as I don't have to deal with the spammers