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    I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. Their are quite a few excellent developers on this site and many of them are listed as Registered developers

    It might be worth reaching out to a few by posting the requirements of the job and including things like Clive Walker, hus_hmd, ryan or drewm so those developers will see what it is you are looking. Or possibly going to the Perch Slack channel and posting a request to see if a developer might be able to accomodate your request.

    walker I'm not trying to be a Perch apologist because I'm willing to call things out when I see them. I understand that you are willing to pay additional for support, but some of us aren't. In that same vein I don't expect Drew and Rachel to be on these forums every hour of every day responding to problems. Due to the price point I feel like the problem fixing is mostly on me. To me there is a trade-off, because it is impossible to develop software that is all things to all people. Drew and Rachel have both helped me quite a bit in the past and for that I appreciate their help, but I don't feel they were obligated to do it.

    I did a great deal of research about 3 years ago on which CMS I wanted to use, quality, speed, flexibility, control and price were all factors that lead me to Perch. I have been thrilled with the 30 some projects I've built with Perch and it has fully met my expectations including the support. Support is time consuming and expensive, therefore due to the price point I don't expect a ton of support. Just my .02 cents.

    I believe it is easier for the user if all the staff blocks are collapsed when originally opening the template. You are correct that blocks are collapsible, but I'm trying to get the default behavior to be closed only when opening the template not when adding a block.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Sorry about that, but I have not run into that issue, even while uploading the file at the correct size. You might also consider using the Tinify app

    It will either compress images on upload or you can set a cron job (I highly recommend the cron job). This would allow that program to compress the image after the upload if the system is doing something quirky. Also Tinify gives you a much larger amount of free uses per month.

    Jay, I would suggest the following. Notice the addition of Quality which reduces the size and quality of the image and density and sharpen help the image still look good at a smaller size and on Retina displays. Everything I learned regarding compressing images in Perch came from this tutorial.…lates/compressive-images/

    I hope this helps.

    1. <img src="<perch:content type="image" id="image" label="Image" help="Upload or select an image" bucket="pagePics" width="1200" density="2" quality="30" sharpen="2" />" alt="<perch:content type="text" id="alt" label="Description" required="true" help="Description of this image" />" />

    I utilize Perch Blocks on my main content sections everything works fine. Now I want to add a Field Group to a block so the fields collapse when the template is opened by the user. I understand that field groups are experimental, but the directions say if there is a validation error the collapse won't work. I am able to get the block to work properly but I can't seem to get it to collapse. I don't believe I have a problem with my code but here it is. I want to add a "staff" block with the below code. Here is the live page . Any help would be much appreciated.

    I can't add the debug because it makes the message too long but I don't see any issues.

    I don't know Couch at all so I can't speak for it. I can tell you that around 3-4 years ago I researched CMS systems extensively. After that research I chose Perch and every project I have done since then I have utilized Perch. I believe there is a learning curve, but to be honest I believe that a learning curve exists with any CMS that you are going to use. Trying to figure out the best way to write something to be both efficient and easy for your client when using the system takes some thought.

    I am happy about my choice and my clients all enjoy utilizing the CMS. I plan on continuing to use Perch for the foreseeable future. Good luck with your choice and if you have any specific questions about Perch feel free to ask the community. Everyone here is pretty helpful.

    I was reading another issue of Perchology recently (Which by the way is awesome and if you use Perch you should subscribe). I came across a Perch Template Filter for Reading Length by ryan :

    • I attempted to get this filter to work, but I couldn't. Ryan I was wondering if it is because I am using Perch Blocks for my blog posts?
    • I found a work around for this using javascript and it seems to work for all of my blog posts so I figured I would pass it along. If you want to see it in action check out this blog post or any blog post on my site https://www.coloradoseodesign.…y-i-think-wordpress-sucks
    • Below is the code I used on my post.html blog template. You would need to add a class postcount to your container that holds your blog post verbiage.
    • I'm sure it isn't perfect javascript so if any one wants to correct it or add another solution I would be interested.

    I have never used VS Code, I use . Does anyone have experience with both of them and can give a couple of points as to why VS Code might be a better option? I'm always wondering if my setup might be better off with a new code editor/ IDE. Not trying to high jack your post ex-jedi so let me know if it is a problem and I will move it.

    There are several different options out there. If you want to utilize the gallery app then you can utilize Magnific Popup . I've used it several times in different websites, but you will have to integrate it into the Gallery App templates. Magnific Popup is getting a little bit long in the tooth but still works for me. Here is another Gallery option as well . I haven't personally used it, but I'm considering it for a project I just started. I believe both gallery options I gave you are jQuery based so that is something you will have to consider.

    I think a better solution for a gallery might be to create a template that has images in a list format and then add a lightbox around each image. Just use the lightbox2 script

    Simon, you are correct there really isn't a reason not to use it especially without the cost barrier. I use it on all of my sites, I just get sideways with Google being heavy handed in the application and forced compliance.

    No you are correct Drew. I removed letters and added the plus sign in the regular expression of the original answer. That should hopefully fix any international issues.

    I also included info in the Help telling clients to specifically not use letters. So we don't get anything like 1-800-Got-Junk. I don't really want to get into the conversion table because the above solution works for all of my clients. However, if someone else wants to take a stab at it then I would gladly change what I'm using. :thumbup:

    I got this from another thread where someone was having an issue with clickable phone numbers. On many occasions Phone numbers are entered on a page in a bunch of different ways. So I wanted to be able to strip the phone number of all non-numerical characters in order to create a clickable phone number that I could use without having to enter the phone number into a template twice. Here is my solution that seems to work.

    First add the following to your config file

    1. define('PERCH_TEMPLATE_FILTERS', true);

    Next open the filters.php file it can be found /perch/addons/templates/filters.php add the following filter and call to the file

    Next I utilize content field to add the phone number visibly to the page and also use it again in the the link tag but strip everything except the numbers

    1. <a href="tel:<perch:content id="phone" filter="phoneclean" />">
    2. <perch:content id="phone" type="text" label="Main Phone Number" help="Do not include letters in your phone number please" />
    3. </a>

    I am not sure how this works internationally but it works well in the United States and can surely be adjusted to fit international requirements. I hope this helps someone out. :burd1fly::burd1fly: