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    Here are a few that I like

    I also believe that if we the users want to see Perch stick around then we probably have to agree that we all need to pay for the continuous maintenance updates and probably and increase in license fees. Money is a requirement for time invested.

    The technical functionality of Perch is truly outstanding and although I've only been using it since 2016 I still find new stuff all the time. However, I feel Perch needs some marketing help in order to grow the user base and also more admins on the forum so people with questions can get them answered more quickly. I would be willing to kick in some marketing hours every month and I'm sure many people around here would kick in time to help with the forums as well. Just something to think about.

    rachelandrew My main question is will you make sure that Perch keeps pace with PHP? I like it and want to continue using it but as PHP versions advance there have been issues that pop up with Perch. Perfect example is PHP 7.4 I have noticed a few issues so I reverted to older versions of PHP to make sure Perch was compatible. I create smaller mom and pop sites so it will work for me as it is, but it will become untenable if it doesn't keep pace with PHP.

    ellimondo I should have been more clear that I may be in the minority considering I've only been using Perch for 3 years. Feels like most users have been using the product longer than I have. I went and compared Perch to Craft and most of the other decent CMS systems available including many free options. I could not find a product that gave better value than Perch.

    My main point was after research, I hitched my wagon to Perch 3 years ago and I would hate to have to change now.

    I might be in the minority, but I spent a great deal of time researching CMS systems about 3 years ago because I wanted to find one solution that would work for my small practice. After spending literally days doing cost/ benefit and pros / cons I went with Perch. I haven't been disappointed. Even today I am anxiously awaiting Version 4 but I'm not disappointed with Version 3 as it does everything I need it too.

    Is it perfect? No it isn't but for the price I pay and my clients it is just what I need. I am a user of regular Perch and not Runway so that is my frame of reference. I have made adjustments over the years and spent time learning the way Perch works. I have customized it to fit my clients and I have heard nothing but great reviews from my clients.

    I fully understand the need for Perch to change it's model so it can be more sustainable. Also, I want to thank Drew and Rachel for their work in putting together a great product.

    Syntax error on my end. Need to have php on payment page direct to failure and success pages. I had an action added to the stripe payment form that was executing prior to the payment.

    Drew, can you just take a minute and look at my code and see if anything pops up to you as looking wrong. I really don't want you to spend more than a minute or two. Just let me know if you see anything that you think might be a problem. I understand you are busy, but I would really appreciate it. If it is more extensive then I would be willing to pay for support.

    Drew I'm not sure. Let me bullet point the situation.

    • I ran the first transaction through the cart and it worked. Showed up in the order section Perch and showed up in Stripe.
    • All other transactions failed and didn't show up in either Perch or in Stripe.
    • It is possible that the first transaction was a fluke because I actually refreshed the page because I had not set up the page to go to after the successful transaction.
    • I am wondering if it is just a syntax error on my part?
    • I spoke with Stripe. They said the first transaction that worked used "Guzzle" but all other failed transactions used Stripe. I'm not sure what that even means. Here is my code:

    /perch/config/shop.php (the below secret and publishable key I have changed to the ones Stripe gave me)

    Payment Page on website. First code chunk is in the head and the second is in the body. (I copied and pasted the code and didn't make any changes). I am wondering if I need to change the return_url & cancel_url

    /perch/templates/gateways/stripe_payment_form.html (only thing I changed on this page was action="/shop/result"). I am wondering if the action should =#?

    1. <form action="/shop/result" method="post">
    2. <script src="" class="stripe-button" data-key="<perch:shop id="publishable_key" escape="true" />"
    3. data-amount="<perch:shop id="amount" escape="true" />"
    4. data-currency="<perch:shop id="currency" escape="true" />"
    5. data-name="<perch:shop id="shop_name" escape="true" />"
    6. data-description="Items (<perch:shop id="amount_formatted" escape="true" />)"
    7. data-email="<perch:member id="email" escape="true" />">
    8. </script>
    9. </form>

    I have my Perch Shop up and running and everything seems to be working fine, except for testing transactions using Stripe. The first transaction I did went through and showed up in Perch as an order and it showed in Stripe as an order as well, but I've tried to do about 5 additional transactions and none of the other test transactions are working. I looked in the Stripe logs and they look good to me, in fact I matched up the successful transaction with the other transactions that failed and everything looks the same in the log.

    Has anyone else had this issue with Stripe testing? Or What would be the best way to trouble shoot the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

    Not trying to be pushy Drew, but (

    do you know when we will have an idea on pricing for Perch 4? I have 4-5 bids in the pipeline and most of the bids are with clients that will want to update every year to make sure everything stays current. So I'm getting questions on the pricing after year 1 license purchase.

    vwatson Thanks you for the kind words. I don't use CSS frameworks. Everything is CSS grid with a flexbox fall back, so my sites will essentially work with all modern browsers and IE10 or greater.

    I guess to be specific I don't utilize a frontend framework like Bootstrap or Foundation I use HTML5 boilerplate and CSS grid. Technically, HTML5 boilerplate is considered a framework

    Here are several Perch sites that went live in the last 4 months. :burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly::burd1fly:

    • Masters of Turf - I like the layout with the frame around everything the footer and header are sticky. I also like the footer
    • Circle of Health - I like the acupuncture needles for quotation marks, mobile menu icons and home page hero background. Not a huge fan of the heavy background textures throughout but my client loves it. Also some of the pages are a little wordy for me.
    • Rocky Mountain Insurance - I like the menu with angled quote and the map section next to the Attention to detail section. Quote page is a little different with a bunch of forms on one page only shown based on the option you choose
    • Total Garage Concepts - I like the "Working with us Section" and the Footer with the map modals and the Chaos quote. Garage Gallery is kind of cool added multiple galleries on one page and still loads pretty quick
    • Armour Roofing Florida - I like the section below the logo is angled like a roof, Storm Chasers background animated Gif, and the rotating svg that says licenced, insured, trusted & professional
    • Armour Roofing Colorado - I like that the home page pics are angled like a roof
    • Quality Drills - I like home page overlay of image and verbiage used several different gradients. I especially like the gradient wheatfield since I'm from Kansas I hate the stupid full width postcard, but was required to put it in. Please don't judge on that. I also hate that my client never got me verbiage on several pages.

    Lee great work I love the vision and uniqueness of this site. I have an ultra wide monitor and it looks great on this as well.

    • Really cool to have Modulizer and social icons on the left side of the screen that change colors on scroll depending upon background color
    • Pick a project section is really cool. Small critique would be changing to Flickety so I could use touch to scroll to the right. Not sure if this is doable
    • I think you might consider using snazzy maps for your map visuals. It allows you to take Google maps and really change the color of the map to fit your website style
    • I like your bouncing map icon and I'm going to steal that. :-)
    • Load speed is also outstanding I got an error on your favicon so you might want to check that URL: , here is my speed test…74561a8a9280128b2a989d40/
    • I might consider Cloudflare for a CDN, htaccess for caching, and also compression of images.