Perch Alternatives?

  • I love Perch for its simplicity - the majority of my sites are custom designed portfolio sites with users only needing to update some text, images and maintain a blog. I don't need the majority of the functionality (shop etc). I like to create my html/css/php in Dreamweaver.

    I'm uneasy building my next site on Perch given the lack of updates recently and wondered if the Perch community have any other CMS suggestions that are as simple to integrate into custom designed websites as Perch. I'm looking at Craft CMS - but it seems quite a bit more technical to install etc than Perch.

  • drewm

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  • Maybe it's just me but I don't mind infrequent updates, and value a stable version. I would keep using Perch for years even without updates, because of the extensive toolset. I'd be surprised to find a similar range of tools that often effortlessly work together and link up well. All those templating attributes! They get me out of trouble all the time. With Wordpress, developing there felt like I was continuously falling down an icy chasm :-)