Form will not register on Live Site, works fine on Local?

  • I have a booking enquiry from at https://www.stokesleytowncounc….uk/town-hall/how-to-book which will not register on the Live Server. However, registers fine on local host. Local is running PHP 7.2.10 and Live is running 7.2.15.

    Some help to work out why would be much appreciated. Many thanks :/

  • Hi Ryan,

    Sorry yes to clarify.

    From Perch Forms Installation guide. "To get started you need to create and successfully submit a form. You will then be able to configure that form instance in the Control Panel".

    I have created the form, filled and pressed send to try and submit the form to Control Panel. Control Panel isn't displaying the form after I have tried to initiate it on live.

    Works fine on local though?