Reading Time

  • I was reading another issue of Perchology recently (Which by the way is awesome and if you use Perch you should subscribe). I came across a Perch Template Filter for Reading Length by ryan :

    • I attempted to get this filter to work, but I couldn't. Ryan I was wondering if it is because I am using Perch Blocks for my blog posts?
    • I found a work around for this using javascript and it seems to work for all of my blog posts so I figured I would pass it along. If you want to see it in action check out this blog post or any blog post on my site https://www.coloradoseodesign.…y-i-think-wordpress-sucks
    • Below is the code I used on my post.html blog template. You would need to add a class postcount to your container that holds your blog post verbiage.
    • I'm sure it isn't perfect javascript so if any one wants to correct it or add another solution I would be interested.