Deleted Asset Cleanup

  • One of my clients sometimes uploads PDF's and makes them available using the URL only. But when they're deleted from the assets panel the link remains. I recall reading elsewhere that asset cleanup routines are only run when new content is added, so the assets won't go away unless new content is added to replace them. Does this mean that assets used without being associated with a page or region have to be removed manually?

  • It might be that the asset is still be used by previous revisions of the content region (for the undo functionality). Once the asset is no longer used by the revisions, the asset should be available for cleanup. You can alter this by adding this to your perch config, define(PERCH_UNDO_BUFFER, 'Value') where the value is the total revisions (defaults to 30). I don't think this will retro actively delete revisions however.

  • I believe the clean up occurs on save of a region/collection, so I can only guess that without it being saved in a region it won't be subject to the same clean up rules.

    You could always use a collection or a multiple item region to add the files, and then provide a url from there. Otherwise I think you'll have to manually remove the assets