Members App - Image upload

  • I have read a few posts about the members app not allowing image uploads.

    I have got 95% though the build of my client's site to realise this is not possible with the Perch Members app ;(

    My website needs the user to upload a proof of ID when registering. Has anyone found any solutions to this.

  • drewm

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  • Easiest option would be to set up some tags for verified and un verified. If the user is unverified redirect them to a regular perch form, (you can prefill in any info in hidden fields) and then a user can upload a file that way. Once received you can update the tags manually.

  • I htink I have a solution:

    My solution to this is to have the Registration Form post to both Perch Forms and Perch Members. This way the Perch Forms sent all the data to the Admin email with the image attached. IT was also a nice way for the Admin to receive an email with all the applicants details.