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    ...In the short run I rather see you communicate with customers more (at least when necessary and expected) than manage PRs on GitHub, but open sourcing first-party add-ons sounds like a good idea.

    It's a bit greedy perhaps but could we have both? There's a lot of love and enthusiasm for Perch in the community. Several have offered to help with development so moving some addons to GitHub would be a good move. I'd like to see Perch itself move in this direction. That seems better than halting development altogether and starting a slow countdown to obsolescence.

    It terms of communication it wouldn't take much. Brief responses to vital issues and the a few updates a month would be great.

    It's good to hear from you though rachelandrew!

    There is some activity in the docs repo. Pull requests are getting merged.

    But it's hard to know what's going on. It could be that we suddenly get version 3.x or 4 even... or nothing. In terms of communication it wouldn't take much. If Perch HQ surfaced a few times a month to say 'we are still working on it'. That would be so helpful.

    Thanks for getting back to us drewm. I think most of us would like to see something soon so a 3.x would be welcome.

    Would you consider allowing some to help with Perch maintenance and development? You have mentioned that you wanted community members to contribute more, I recall you saying that some of Perch's first-party apps were built as examples to encourage others to build their own and make them available. You also mentioned the possibility of a Perch marketplace type thing to give devs more support to build apps and add-ons. As it looks like making a Perch marketplace isn't viable right now, allowing some to help maintain Perch would seem to answer the call for more community involvement.

    We all want to see Perch survive and thrive. We're a little dismayed though that it seems to be withering on the vine right now, especially as there are talented devs who are eager to help. There's still a lot of enthusiasm for Perch in the community.

    drewm - I understand with your recent new roles, time is a valuable commodity. I'd be more than willing to help on a volunteer basis (no strings attached) to do some PR's to fix bugs anything else you'd need help with.

    This seems logical. If Perch isn't viable as a full time endeavour at the moment, opening it up a bit makes sense. The community is compitently handling most of the support on the forum, I'm sure there are devs with enough skill to help with the codebase.

    When V4 was announced we were given a rough timeframe, which was missed due to issues which have been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Can we expect some news soon about a revised timeframe for it?

    At the moment we don't know if it'll be weeks months or years before release or even before announcements. Could we have some idea of what the roadmap is please?

    I was very relieved to hear Perch isn't going away, but could we have even a loose idea about when V4 might land and if Perch shop will get any updates. At the moment it's difficult to know if it's going to be weeks, months or even longer.

    I wonder how many people have got that message about reusing licences? And I imagine if that loophole isn't closed that many users will reason "it can't be that much of a problem, if they really wanted us not to reuse licences they'd stop it".

    This gets to the nub of the problem (well for me at least), that the lack of communication from Perch leaves us guessing about so much stuff. I know they have clients that we don't hear about that might have been kept in the loop, but for most of us we have very little to go on. So when we try to sell Perch to new clients who ask about what the future is for it, we have to guess. Are they changing the licence model... When is this bug getting fixed... When's v4 coming out... Etc... We have to guess.

    I will always use Perch when I can. I have no plans to jump ship and I'm very happy to hear that Perch is still being developed and it's not going away, but it's like trying to read tea leaves.