Undefined Index page.edit.post.php

  • Hi Clive,

    You are correct in that I have listed this issue previously.

    Saying that, being a PHP error, I am not sure how any Perch template would be the cause, and as well; it only happens on the server so I'm assuming that the interpreter is more strict than what is on localhost.

    In addition, again since this is occurring in a Core file, and as I have not made any modifications; I am not sure what investigation may be possible other than to say in Settings for each page, I am able to select different attribute templates of which I have created and will post if necessary.


  • An undefined index error message normally means that a variable or constant has no value. And that a page or template is attempting to use the empty value. In PHP terms, you can avoid this by checking for a value before using it.

    I'm not sure that this error is because of a core file. I'd guess that a template field is empty and a page on your site is attempting to use the empty value without checking for it. If you can narrow this down to a specific template and show how the template fields are used in the page code, this would give more information to go on.

  • The issue seems to be based on the attributes templates. Perch will find any files in the perch/templates/pages/attributes folder and list them in the `Edit page` page. The label is a human readable format of the file names in the folder.

    What files are present in your perch/templates/pages/attributes, and what version of perch are you running?