Pricing Notification. We hope you love Perch as much as we do..

  • Hello there

    Today we are making an important announcement; an email is being circulated, posts have been sent to Twitter and Facebook, on our website and here on your Forum.

    We hope you love Perch as much as we do. Over the last few months we have been looking at ways to develop Perch and build upon it’s existing functionality.

    One of the ways that we have decided to do this and place the platform in a much healthier position is to offer a single product starting with PerchRunway4.0, a clear move away from other versions of Perch as the base product.

    As from the 2nd of May 2022 any existing Perch or Runway licensee wishing to upgrade to Perch Runway 4.0 and receive updates as a result of new development will need to switch to the new monthly subscription of £2.49 GBP per month. The move to the monthly subscription is needed to ensure that we can develop the product further, enhancing the current features and ensure the long-term feature of the software.*

    Whilst we will no longer develop or support versions of Perch other than Perch Runway 4.0 as of the 2nd of May 2022 existing licensees not wishing to upgrade may continue using their purchased license.

    For brand new licenses of Perch Runway 4.0, the price of a license will be £6.49 GBP per month.*

    We appreciate your continued support and believe you understand that this is a necessary move to ensure that Perch can continue to grow in the coming months and years.


    *UK VAT will apply in addition to the monthly subscription fee where applicable.

  • Hi George,

    I have one Perch site and need to decide what to do with it now that you are no longer going to be supporting Perch. I haven't quite understood your pricing model. Currently if I click on the upgrade link it quotes £129 + vat to upgrade from perch to perch runway. It doesn't say anything about a subscription model. Is the subscription model not yet in your online shop?

    Also, what are the risks of me continuing to run Perch. How long before it becomes a security issue or is incompatible with php or something like that? And how long will the Perch to Perch runway upgrade path and tools be supported.



  • Hi aulda,

    I believe the new pricing structure will be introduced on the 4th, hence why you may be seeing something different currently.

  • Hi!

    I have several websites using the standard Perch at the moment so I've become quite familiar with the product. But I have never tried runway, how does it differ from the standard (installation & usage)?

    If I choose to upgrade one or more of our standard licenses to runway, can I easily upgrade the sites to use the runway or is it a lot of work?

    If I upgrade one or more licenses to runway and the actual upgrade is a lot of work, does the standard product in place at the site still work normally with the upgraded license, if I choose to upgrade the actual product on the site(s) later, but want to upgrade the licenses to get the discounted price for them?

    I hope you can answer to these questions, thank you! :)

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Clive Walker !

    Thank you for your reply. Somehow I missed that documentation earlier and it clears up most of my questions. If I understood it correctly, in the event of a license upgrade, our current site will continue working using the standard Perch and I can upgrade it to Runway later, if I want.

    There is a link to the rewrite rules -guide in the documentation, but the link is broken. Do you have any idea what those Runway-specific rewrite rules are? :)

    Kind regards,

  • I presume payment can be made annually? It's only about US $50 per year, so annual payment makes sense. Monthly payments are better suited to services that actually deliver something every month. Streaming services for example. But for just a license to use software that otherwise doesn't change very often, annual payment would suit the product more.