Perch has a new home!

  • Yes it is very exciting, and one can only hope that the fee is reasonable because the CMS is just great!

    Having a future for me means, no wasted years and preparation of new front end code for the version 4 release.

    That's what I love about Perch, I can focus on new technologies as they emerge, and not get bogged down in someone elses' code (hint wordpress).

  • I installed my first instance of Perch a few days ago and, being a fan of fast web delivery, was delighted with the results on testing a page I was developing using Perch. I hope to be able to provide some new sites I have lined up over the next few months with this cms. Given how Google's rollout of new algorithms that include page load speed as a ranking factor, planned in may 2021 might affect demand for cms that don't slow sites down, I can foresee products like Perch coming to the fore. Best wishes!