SSL Cert Expired

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    Changed the title of the thread from “” to “ SSL Cert Expired”.
  • Hey new owners, are you there?

    You appear to have let the SSL certificate for Perch’s primary website expire!?!

    I am sure it’s slipped your mind because you’re so busy working on the final tweaks to the upcoming “June 21 release of Perch V4”, but please can you renew this ASAP?

    Thanks kindly. :*

    I am officially panicking now. Does anyone know if Perch has any other dependencies, like Akismet. If you set up your contact form with Akismet it sends the form off to their servers for a score and gets a report back, right? How likely is it that Akisment change their setup, are all our forms going to stop working overnight? Is this part of Perch being managed/developed? Where is everyone?

  • As with any CMS that uses third-party services, if the third party changes their API or coding, the Perch team would need to consider how to respond to that. There have been instances in the past where services like MailChimp changed their API and Perch provided an update (for the MailChimp app) that addressed this.

    I can't speak for the current Perch team and I don't know what they would do in the circumstances you mention. They have not been active on this forum recently so I would email them directly with your concerns or questions.

  • George G  Gareth S  Matt A  Will B Please can you provide an update? You said you would monitor the forum for technical assistance / currently you cannot even sell any new licences technically? This has been nearly 2 weeks? Surely you don't want your investment to die out?

  • Quote

    Can I ask, why does this matter to end users?

    It may matter to Google but I don't see how any of this affects end users in any way at all whatsoever.

    Mate, while I have been slightly wary at the criticism leveled at the new owners (in the past, not so much anymore), the SSL thing is seemingly minor but is really beyond a joke.

    In the Slack channel someone actually lost a potential client over it, because they decided to look at

    I still like Perch, but no way would recommend it to a new client. Most are not interested in the technology as such, but a lot do have an idea of the big guns, like WordPress. And it usually goes like this…

    I sing Perch’s praises. The client (who has only ever used WordPress), goes ‘you know what, I don’t really like WordPress, I find it a pain in the arse. Let me check out the website of this Perch thing you like, but what your saying sounds good to me’.

    What do you think is going to happen when they check out the site, and it has a massive red exclamation point sign and ’Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).’ On Firefox it can be even worse

    It’s also possible that an attacker is involved. If you decide to visit the website, you should not enter any sensitive information like passwords, emails, or credit card details.’

  • Agreed. If you're making a tool to build websites, the most basic thing to do is make sure your own website works! Would you be content to let your own website cert expire for all your current and potential clients to see?

    You also have to ask why they've let this happen. Have they not noticed? Have they noticed but don't care? Or have they noticed and they can't fix it?

    The utter lack of response is also really bad. Even an 'our development team are looking into it' or 'we're not going to maintain the website going forward' would give us some idea of what's going on.

    I have some admiration for your optimism and loyalty nascent, but surely you can agree that this is a problem that can't be overlooked and that a fix is urgently needed!

  • I have some admiration for your optimism and loyalty nascent, but surely you can agree that this is a problem that can't be overlooked and that a fix is urgently needed!

    I do agree, allowing the certificate to expire is a bad thing, since it erodes confidence in the product.

    The fact that the forum still has a valid certificate, while positive; doesn't actually guarantee a stable situation going forward and the lack of a response on this matter in particular, promotes an environment where speculation may become rife.

    What I find difficult to understand though is, there was a great deal of positive communication from the new owners (I don't know if there is actually a company name available) but that appears to have all but evaporated, which I personally find annoying so one can only hope they are working hard on an update at least and we will hear some news in the near future.

    Saying that though, I did see Rachael come online once not long ago, and while I said nothing to her via the forum; it did make me think that there may still be some liaison at least between the old and new owners, meaning that the legacy of Perch is still in good hands.