SCA Regulation

  • As there was no response to my post on the older thread, I've started a new thread. This is the latest update from Stripe below. I'd be grateful for an update as to where Perch is with this.

    With the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) deadline coming up soon, here’s what to expect on Saturday, 14 September.

    After announcements by many national regulators, we anticipate a phased enforcement of the new SCA requirements over the coming months. However, we do expect some European banks to start declining payments that aren’t SCA-ready starting 14 September.

    Our information shows that you still need to make changes to your Stripe integration in order to prepare for SCA and help avoid an increase in declines starting 14 September. Updating your integration can require frontend, backend, and client bindings version changes, so we recommend that you begin updating your integration as soon as possible.

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  • I've recently added the updated Stripe Omnipay to a perch app, which works similarly to perch shop. I believe the update only works for v3 (which I believe shop is using v2?), as well v3.1 only released on 5/6th September, so if you are still pulling in the v3.03 package it won't have the new gateway