Perch has a new home!

  • We’re very excited to be able to announce that the Perch CMS family of products are moving to a new home with a new company, Perch Runway Ltd.

    It has been a great honour to take Perch from a small side project through to a thriving family of CMS products and add-ons over the course of 12 years, and we extend our thanks to all the customers and partners who have helped us build Perch into what it is today.

    The future for Perch is bright, and its new owners have great plans to make sure Perch is well supported and updated into the future. We’ve all been working hard to ensure a seamless transition which should have no impact on existing licenses and sites. Perch Runway Ltd will continue to honour all the terms of the existing licenses in our place.

    If you have any questions for the new owners, you can reach out to them directly on They'll be emailing information about the handover to license holders next week.

    Thank you again for all your support over the last nearly 13 years, and although we won’t be involved in the development and support of Perch going forward, we’re still very much Perch users and in that respect are not going anywhere.


    All the best,

    Drew McLellan & Rachel Andrew

    Edgeofmyseat ltd.

  • Thanks Drew for taking this step!
    I imagine it wasn't easy to let go and hand off to another, and I hope it will give you added peace of mind in these rather trying times.



    ps You must have added something into the contract that will ensure the 'right' way of using the bird pictures. I know you were very opinionated in how the birds were used/portrayed. :saint:

  • great stuff, I hope new home owners can maintain the stability it has now, as it runs snappy even on cheap hosting :) it would be good if that performance can continue. Good to know it's still kicking so our licenses will keep going. I wonder if e-commerce addon will be looked at again... Runway has been great to work with, I like the functions and neat control over heaps of variables without complicated programming.

  • Hi all, just wanted to add my thanks. I know we have been silent for ages on this but we weren't at a point where we could discuss things publicly. I'm confident that the new owners will take the product forward and are committed to supporting existing customers and licenses, which is exactly what we wanted and have been working to ensure.

    I'm mostly documenting the web over at MDN these days and working on CSS-related things so I'm sure I'll see some of you online!

  • Good and sad news at the same time.

    Thanks Rachel and Drew. You built a great product! One that, for a complete luddite like me, enabled me to offer a reasonable and easy to use CMS to a lot of clients who are still happy Perch users.

    Best of luck for the future to you both... and we all look forward to seeing what the future holds for us Perchers.

  • I and my team are delighted to become part of the Perch community as part of our acquisition of Perch and Perch Runway from Drew and Rachel at Edgeofmyseat Ltd.

    Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to make fully available Version 4; rachelandrew and drewm have been completely honest about how this move will be received by you.

    I would like to thank Rachel and Drew for their selfless support during the transition and for a period after to ensure a seamless migration to our new management and development team. I can see from the posts here it's been hard for them to keep this under wraps!

    To deal with some of the formality Edgeofmyseat Ltd has transferred certain rights, obligations and liabilities to Perch Runway Ltd, a company registered in the United Kingdom with the company number 12862192. With effect from the 31st December 2020, Perch Runway Ltd will perform the Licence Agreement and be bound by its terms in every way as if it were the original party to it in place of Edgeofmyseat Ltd.

    Perch and Perch Runway has an exciting future. Since becoming familiar with Perch I have personally been involved in developing several new sites and I understand much more now about its power and capability. With our backing, Perch will enjoy a stable of fresh ideas for the CMS you enjoy and I look forward to working with you all.


  • Just to add, for George G - there is a Slack group here…t0-k5zc8Fz1sCBpjmm4sNbWJw

    Whilst this is an unofficial group, originally I was asked to set this up by drewm and rachelandrew when they decided to stop the Perch Slack.

    I'm sure that the members of the Perchology Slack group would welcome your involvement.

    The conversations on the Perchology Slack are quite freewheeling and often "robust". Just so that you know :-)

  • Huge thanks to drewm and rachelandrew for creating an amazing product with a loyal fanbase!

    I'm really intrigued to see what Perch has in-store for us for v4, and can't wait to get some info on release dates/previews. As a registered dev, I'd be more than happy to put my name in the hat to beta test! ;):burd1fly: