SCA Compliance for Stripe

  • Anyone know how to add custom css to the embedded strip form, I'd like to make the imput fields match the look and feel of the other forms on the site.

    Within the form tags of the embedded form there is a set of empty <style> tags how can I populate this with my custom styles? Any thoughts much appreciated.

  • You have to pass the styles through the elements.create function. You can also style the container with regular css.

    Here's an example from the stripe docs

    If you want more customisation over the layout you can create individual elements separately (card, expiry, cvc, paymentRequest bytton). You can read more about it here

  • George G

    Welcome to the new developers, I'm really pleased your working on moving Perch forward.

    Stripe SCA is a rather pressing issue, my understanding is that Stripe will be enforcing in September.

    Whilst I appreciate you have inherited the problem I'd like some reassurance this is going to be looked at relatively quickly. This effects a few of my Perch Shop sites and hence I need to know so I can make decissions on whether I need to move the sites. I'd prefer not to I may add, but if its not going to be looked at I will have no choice.

  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that all the messages being sent are being received. Our aim at the moment is to ensure that the transition to us is smooth whilst at the same time looking at and prioritising the development requirements of Perch to grow moving forward. Not an easy task but one that I truly believe we are up to.

    With regards to the Stripe SCA, a few users have flagged this up. Rest assured that we will review what needs to be done and revert back to you in the coming weeks with a clearer and more definitive answer. This may seem a little vague for now but I believe that actions speak louder than words so it will be up to us, the new owners, to show that we are committed to Perch and its users.

    Watch this space!

  • George, that's great news… but we've endured two years of "watch this space!" followed by radio silence. A roadmap or timeline or some indication of intent would be more constructive and allow us to plan how we move our own businesses forward and whether Perch still plays a part in those plans.

  • That's a very reassuring George G . I feel a relief now that I won't have to move x number of websites away to a different platform simply because SCA compliance.

    Personally I am becoming less confident this issue will ever be looked at. It's been two months now without any update on what is going on. That's on top of the two years we have been suffering the Perch radio silence.

  • Good day to you all,

    As an update from a meeting held on Friday I can confirm the technical handover is progressing well and our objectives for the release of v4 are on track. I have requested of Drew the work he has already completed for SCA compliance to be transitioned to our team ahead of the v4 release. I plan to offer a timeline to our roadmap at a further update.

    Once again thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • I do find it a little odd that there are requests for code to be handed over many months after the sale of the company, even if there is a handover period.

    Having worked in this industry a very long time, all this talk of “Project Managers” and “technical handovers” doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.

    Not one update has been released since the acquisition, which is a really bad indicator of what’s to come. If you’re in discussions to buy a CMS, surely you’d have at least a developer ready to go...